Accounting Personel

Margie Eblen, Controller

Position: Employed Since 1981

Margie Eblen, Controller

Employed Since 1981

Stefanie Todd, Accounting Clerk

Position: Employed Since 2006

Stefanie is in charge of executing all accounts payable, record keeping, verifying receipt of ordered materials, obtaining project manager approvals of subcontractor and vendor pay applications and invoices, and processing and mailing all company disbursements.

In addition, she verifies all client billings and is charged with mailing payments, collecting certified payroll forms from all subcontractors and distributing to our client’s representatives.

Stefanie and her husband Chuck have two sons, Taylor and Tanner.

Stefanie Todd, Accounting Clerk

Employed Since 2006

Administrative Support

Angel Choate, Marketing Coordinator

Position: Employed Since 1995

Angel serves as our Marketing Coordinator and Executive Assistant to President Derek Martin, as well as Administrative Assistant to other Project Managers. She is responsible for the coordination, production and preparation of responses to new work opportunities. This includes coordination of photographic shoots of completed projects, image reproduction and preparation of written marketing documents. She is also in charge of maintaining company employee resumes, preparation of all client contracts, and documents for corporate shareholder and quarterly Board of Directors’ meetings.

Angel and her husband Brian enjoy spending time at the lake and playing with their grandsons, Camden and Grayson.