diversityNewAmerican Constructors is a firm that values cultural differences and adheres to policies and practices that are designed to foster an environment in which all employees are full participants. We stand side-by-side with our clients and other businesses and institutions to promote programs that contribute to achieving diversity in the construction industry.

To thrive as a business, we must embrace cultural differences through education and by building stronger relationship, as well as leveraging our internal and external resources and ensuring a commitment to diversity. Doing so allows us to continue to be a leader in the construction industry, attract the best talent from all backgrounds to our company, and allow those individuals to bring with them new ideas and innovations that can only enhance our company.

Vendor diversity is also a key factor in helping define how we do business in today’s marketplace. Embracing diversity will help us compete for the best talent, enhance our ability to create new revenue streams, increase our vendor base, win clients and maintain our position as marketplace leaders.

An initiative that will support our Merit Shop Philosophy; that all contracts be awarded to the lowest responsible bidder.